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Children and Youth

We provide Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) services for children and youth (ages 7+). 

With the help of their horse partners, young people can learn to process feelings that are hard to put into words, regulate emotions, and express their thoughts at their own pace and developmental level. 


We incorporate nature, play, creative expression, sensory-motor strategies, and exploration into sessions for a holistic, mind-body healing experience.

Our services are attachment and trauma-informed, and we strive to include parents and caregivers in the therapy process as much as possible.​


Equine Therapy can help children & youth:

  • Decrease acting-out behaviors.

  • Develop healthy coping strategies.

  • Build frustration tolerance and problem-solving skills.

  • Take responsibility for personal actions and decisions.

  • Experience positive (safe, genuine, nurturing) interaction and attachment with significant others (therapist, caregivers, siblings, horses).

  • Understand their arousal level and build self-regulation capacity.

  • Understand when they feel safe and unsafe and what to do about it.

  • Ask for help and rely on the relationship instead of themselves.

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