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What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is a form of therapy that incorporates horses within a peaceful environment supporting emotional growth and healing.  

Our Licensed Therapist and Equine Professional will work with you and your chosen horse partner to achieve your treatment goals.


Sessions are guided by our model that is “hands-on” (or experiential). In other words, clients learn about themselves naturally through horse-related activities and interactions and then discuss any thoughts, feelings or behavior patterns that arise

The Generous Horse Project is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for our Equine Therapy horses to have everything they need to be happy, healthy, and safe. Your GENEROSITY allows us to focus our energy and resources where it is most needed, on the front lines of providing critical Mental health services. 

     Equine Assisted Services 

We acknowledge the value and benefit of the human-animal bond and what horses can bring to the therapeutic setting. The beauty of our experience-based approach is that the participant learns through "doing” or through interactions with their horse partner. This process can be incredibly insightful and create a lasting shift well beyond the therapeutic benefits of just being around animals.

Through hands-on experiential work with horses, clients take counseling to a different level to achieve emotional growth and healing.  As clients mindfully approach relationship with the horse as a partner, they learn skills that include emotional regulation, appropriate boundaries, problems solving and relationship building. 

Through activities with horses, participants can learn about: Setting and respecting boundaries, social & life skills, reading and responding to verbal and nonverbal body language, healthy communication, increasing self-confidence, building leadership and problem-solving skills

For clients wanting to continue their horsemanship journey after completing their therapy goals, lessons on the ground and in the saddle using a natural horsemanship/relationship-based approach are available.


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Relationship-Based Horsemanship